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Weinstein NP,Dawn Planned Parent Hood El Cerrito Weinstein NP,Dawn Planned Parent Hood El Cerrito Weinstein NP,Dawn and Planned Parent Hood is bias twords woman who are not white. They purposely give them medications they will make them severely ill and do nothing while the patient has server side effects El Cerrito ca

This is a life threating WRONG drug prescrition reason I was being hospitalized after taking a drug Weinstein Dawn gave me after telling her sevral times I needed

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Jackson Medical Group Santa Barbara Douglas Jackson Carrie Brothers Dr. Douglas Jackson and his staff conspired on behalf of those who caused serious injurys to deny me medical treatment. Dr. Jackson went so far as to lie to OTHER medical providers who were willing to provide medical treatment. Santa Barbara, Goleta CALIFORNIA

In sept. 2015 I was intentionally hurt on my job, receiving a serious spinal injury.  4 days later i was intentionally hit by a car, this too caused

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Medical Pain Relief Clinic Jeffery L Edwards, MD Dr Edwards has been treating me for a serious pain in lower back. The meds he had me on caused side effects, including weakness, insomnia. He did lab work that indicated my thyroid and testosterone were dangerously low. Omaha Nebraska

He recommended I undergo a procedure where he would inject medication pellets in by butt, and this would correct the problems. The meds were prescribed to me to

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