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Williamsburg apartments Aka, Walter, aka Martha, I am also a victim who fell for the mess. I, was shown u assume that same apartment and so I paid the fee for the application. Afterwards, I thought about it, but it was a holiday and so, then I wait and I waited for this whoever to call me to let me know what is going on with my money he put in his hands. So, I just went by, some woman started explaining how they have to work thru it all, and Indian time blah blah. Anyhow so I got the runaround basically and I finally received that call he, said I got denied and he received a email saying that. Yeah right for no reason whatever, he was explaining through a left voicemail. Stay away those are thieves and your the liars AKA whomever you really are fakers over those apartments? They stole my money. Garland, Texas

This is intolerable, and crazy. When they’re just after people’s money. They, show these so called apartments that are unlivable.

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