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smc tom bosley I read someones elses scam report on this company,you gotta know how to sell this stuff,when you are new,and you had no selling experience or no biusness training,it dosnt work well,i payed for a start up pack,with catalogs,,i didn’t make any money either,i only sold 1 or two items,to a close friend,but getting others to buy isn’t easy,thier training team didn’t help me much,i don’t know if you can actually make any profits,with this company,but I got tired of investing money,and not getting what they promised, had me invest in catalogs,gift cards,sample products,it works like avon that way,you gotta make more than you invest,i just wasnt getting anything sold or people wernt ordering from my catalogs.,

do not invest in this company unless you can make more than you spend on thier cataloges sample products,buisnress cards,and more,like if you invest 500.00 0n stuff you

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