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Express Parcel Service LLC Company Name: Express Parcel Service LLC Phone: (800) 743-3149 Fax: (877) 869 0969 Website: E-mail: Address: Express Parcel Service, LLC 8111 NW 33rd St Doral, F10:37 AM 8/13/2018L 33122 Maria Betancourt CEO Paul Upshaw, Recruitment Department Direct Line: 786-408-5739 Deborah Kaufman, Remote Operations Manager Direct Line: 786-485-0357 Jan Sullivan Sender of origional job recruitment offer. Provided job offer, but no paychecks provided. Likely looking for mailing addresses to use for credit fraud. Doral Florida

My experience mirrors what others have reported here. I was contacted via e-mail offering a work from home job as a shipping agent.The company website indicates that they

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SUR Company, S.U.R Company, Nicolas Guerra, Nick Guerra, Stephanie Guerra, Stephanie Schlosser, Guarantees individuals an office location contingent upon completing 6 to 12 weeks of training that never happens. FRAUDS Nick Guerra is an Uber Driver with no money Scaming to make money! Roswell GA Georgia

It all starts off with an ad on Craigslist or an ad on ZipRecruiter. The ad advises that SUR Company (ran by Nick Guerra and Stephanie Schlosser) have

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