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Hanless Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Beware of Hanless Richmond, CA and Davis. They have traveling lying salesman. They promise they can put you in something else in six months and then move dealerships and do not honor it. Beware of Edmund at Davis Chrysler he is a lie and the dealership does not care. Lie to Sale Cars

They will lie to you and talk you into something you can’t afford with the promis that if you come back in six months they can put you

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Loftus Auto Body, Ramco Finance Taunton, Completely misled me. Brendan sold me an unsafe car for alot of money and knew it was unsafe. He somehow got an inspection sticker for an unsafe car that had No Emergency Brake. Hes taken $7000 of my money and has refused to speak to me and I brought these things to him within ten days of buying the car and wouldn’t take it back or fix any issues with it. Denied Everything Taunton MA Massachusetts

 When I bought my 2007 Toyota Camry I was so misled and sweet talked. There were issues in the front end that need fixing and it was insisted

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