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Storm Lead Provider The owe me $1,900. This company is owned by Shane Dewey who used to own front line leads. He owes. At least 50 different people thousands and thousands of dollars. He charged people money and did not produce their leads then disappeared. Now he created this company to do the same thing. The guy who answers the phone will lie to you and say that Shane isnt the owner. When you get burned, don’t say I didn’t warn you. SCAM ALLERT San Antonio Texas

Shane owes at least 50 different companies thousands and thousands of dollars. He just disappeared after not producing their leads and kept everybody’s money. While he wasn’t business

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Quality Smith, Quality Smith Construction lead source The leads provided by Quality Smith were by no means QUALITY at all. I requested Lucy my account Mgr. to terminate my service account and to not debit my account any further. I just found out today that my account was debited another $800 Walla Walla Washington

When I called to discuss my issue I was offered a measley $200 to sign off as a happy custmer and I declined. I am filig my report

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