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DHL Express Corporate Office the stupid, idiotic, low class, uneducated, illiterate driver Refused To Deliver My Credit Card To ME Properly By Reading The Residential Name Board In The Lobby In Order To Get The Buzz Code To Be Let Right In And Instead The Loser Just Left The Door Tag On The Front Glass Door, Not Once, But Twice Because He Was Too Lazy To Use His Brains And Eyes To Read A Simple Board With My Last Name On There Which Clearly Had The Security Code On There Right In Front Of His Eyes! a*****e! Brampton Ontario

4266 Bathurst Street  Apartment #203 Toronto, Ontario  Canada  M3H 5Y7   Monday, December 24, 2018   c/o V.I.P. Corporate Executive DHL EXPRESS CORPORATE OFFICE 18 Parkshore Drive Brampton,

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