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AVP Solutions American Verification Processing Solutions, AVPS, LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of Central Bank of St. Louis, Clayton, MO Copyright © 2017 American Verification Processing Solutions, LLC Charged us for sign up fees for a system that would not work, they will not refund as promised Canoga Park California

Back in June of 2018 we signed up with AVS Solutions to get us credit card processing for our site.   We were charged $2000 for this service because

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Elaisale , processed my Credit Card, I did not receive my merchandise. They did not respond to my email.& I now noticed they say there not responsible if I do not receive merchandise. do not have any information regarding 2 questions above or below Internet

I ordered merchandise from Wedi nitch and added baby items for granddaughter so I wouldn’t pay shipping. Waited for them to process it. Not sure it would

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