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Cashnowoffer.com I mailed 5 boxes of test strips to this company on January 25th and received confirmation that it was delivered on January 29th and have not received the payment as of today. I have been contacted twice regarding payment. However I’m still waiting to receive the funds. I feel they lied to me and ripped me off. Had I known this I would chose a different company to do business with. They don’t answer emails nor the phone voicemails. Ripoed me off Chicago Illnios

Did not pay for the test strips I mailed to them.

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Cash Now Offer I sent them 3 never opened boxes of 100 count each diabetic strips which I no longer need. These were just received from the pharmacy and didn’t expire until Oct. 2019. I also sent 4 new never opened boxes of lancets 100 count that expires in 2022.They received them on March 19th per the tracking number from the post office.. I contacted them by text message on March 21st and they didn’t respond. I called and got a phone out of service message.Their phone number was out of service everytime I called except one time I got a recording to leave a voice message which was never returned. I have texted numerous times and no answer. They owe me $64.00. It might not seem like much but to an older person who is disabled and on a fixed income it means a lot.These people are scamming older people and need to be arrested. Chicago Illinois

This company advertises that they pay for unopened diabetic test strips and lancets.I sent this company new unopened merchandise which they promised to buy from me.   It

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