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Dream Electrical LLC / Jeff Mark A foreigner using the name Jeff Mark, bought 2000 custom USB thumbdrives from us, with a stolen credit card. I don’t know why the credit card merchant company doesn’t put Dream Electrical on the WATCH list for merchant accounts. It would keep them from ever using a credit cards again. Lets stop them from screwing anyone else. I have filed a complaint with the FBI, as well as the Attorney Generals office, anyone else that has any connection with Dream Electrical should do the same. Eventually, they will order some USB drives, and FBI will be waiting for them to receive them! Purchased Custom imprinted USB Thumbdrived with Stolen Credit Card Jacksonville Florida

Jeff Mark contacted me off of one of my USB flyers.  They were in the market for 2000 custom imprinted 8 gig thumbdrives.  I sent them an invoice,

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