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Ruan Transportation and management Ruan Trucking Started working with ruan under false pretenses The pay was supposed to be at least a 1000 a week. The recruiter lied through their teeth And they did not know how much I would be making going through orientation. I found out that you only make 34 cents a mile. This is very low pay compared to other companies that pay their drivers 50 cents per mile That do exactly the same work. Stop being cheap b******’s and pay your drivers accordingly. DesMoines Iowa

This company is a huge Rip off and wages. I have talked to many other drivers that do the same work they all say that they make and

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Food Truck Builders of Phoenix This company advertises all over the internet that “they are the only company who guarantees your truck will pass inspection”. After having my truck for over 3 months and $33,480, it didn’t even come close to passing inspection! They didn’t install items I paid for, removed my sound system AND they damaged both sides of the exterior of my truck! Phoenix Arizona

Horrible Customer Service! Paid for generator and cold prep station, but didn’t get either. Most of the equipt they installed was used Hand washing sink was too small

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