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Parlux USA official store I sent my parlux hair dryer to them for fix,after 2 months and couple of emails,they sent back,saying it’s was fix , end up they fix with the cheap material,now my U$200,00 hair dryer works as a 20,00 dollars hair dryer,and feels like anytime will get fire,I can’t used Bc I am afraid to cause a fire. Los Angeles California

I sent my 200,00 dollars hair dryer to fix, after 2 months and couple of emails, they finally sent me back. Well when i used I realize they

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Got lengths hair comany Keesha kaylee anderson I purchased hair from the comany that was advertised as straight. When the hair came there was a curl pattern at the ends, there was an extreme amount of split ends, the hair was very bad quality, after doing more research there were also accusations stating that the hair is prepared in her home which is infested with fleas. I reached out to the company and they basically refuse to give me a refund. They are a fraud. Not only that i paid for overnight and didnt get the horrible hair until days later.This was a horrible experience and very upsetting. Someone needs to do something about this what they are doing is not right. Atlanta Georgia

They have horrible customer service, bad quality product. Scam!

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