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I am a small business owner , I purchase corrupt equipment from Cooler Ice company that sale damage eqiupment with no integrity for there equipment, and Ascentium Capital finance this corrupt equipment, Ascentium use bullying tactics, intimidation i experienced from Ascentium Capital, they took $1200.00 from my bank account an froze it, then file a judgement in Texas and the Splish Splash laundry is not located in Texas, nor never didi business in Texas, they ,went after my vehicle and other properties to get there money, and I had already given them there damage machine, and they sold the machine for 1/8 of the amount there judgement was placed against me. Durham North Carolina

Acsentium Capital intimidated me , bullied me for there money, I am a small business , I requested for Ascentium Capital to pick up there Ice machine that

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