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Tommy Burns Agency, LLC Tom Burns Insurance Agency Tommy Tom Burns Farmers Insurance Agency Tommy Tom Burns State Farm Insurance Agency Tommy I paid Mr. Tommy Burns, $1746.00 for a Home Owners policy # 992 AL-1257, The check #902 on Compass Bank of USA was cashed and the underwriter Southern Cross Underwriters of Mississippi were never paid. mr. Burns stole my money. He was arrested and I want my money back I need that money to buy Insurance form home. I have been contacted by FEDERAL BUREAU IF INVESTIGATIONS,and nothing has been done about my funds. Can you help me be made whole? And get my money back from Mr Burns or his insurance Co or underwriters? Similar cases have shown the other underwriters have made the customers happy by granting coverage to affected customers. Please contact me ASSP WITH ANY INFORMATION THAT CAN HELP!! Grand Bay, St.Elmo, Irvington, Mobile, Mobile Co. Alabama

On Jan. 10, 2019, I bought a Homeowners policy for my home from the Representative Angela at the office of Tommy Burns Agency,LLC. The policy was an annual

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