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Regions Bank Miss Bertha ( waste of time), rude unprofessional . Donald Reynolds Credit center manager( told to us that after ten attempts he was not going to return any calls). Vickie Yackel/ Purportedly a VP of Dept. in Birmingham . calling a ballon, lied to us to re-do loan. No help .We paid perfectly and they are going to report payment of 67000 as delinquent Birmingham Alabama

Loan has been $400 to 425 a month. They told us they wanted to convert to a fix rather than a Heloc 7 years ago. Regions had been

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MMC , Turner Financial Company Nepa Loan For $590 this company would see that my Mortgage was modified or would refund my money. They did nothing.The company stalled me off until today when I found out that the company was out of business. Kingston, Pennsylvania

Mortgage Modification Consultants were recommended on the Oprah Winfrey show in April 2009.We thought they were completely honest because of the recommendation.We have been speaking to this company

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