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Stacy Anderson attorney for Speedy Cash Speedy Cash She being very harassing and rude, convinced my eldery sick mother to get rides to Wal-Mart to buy $800 in Steam Cards or be prosecuted by her in lieu of Speedy Cash.Told her to take pictures of the cards and send them, being scared and elderly having trouble, the woman made threats, raised her voice and caused her much stress and grief for months. Mother had to get help from neighbors to apprase this nasty woman. She claimed not to get payments and to send more money cards. When I became aware of her crying, sttessed out, having to take drugs due to the to her treatment. $800.00 had been given to in Steam cards from Wal-Mart. I called Speedy Cash and my mother has never had a loan from them , nor do they take payments in steam cards and they do have a fax number. This woman who had a man in the background named Michell is using FRAUD to scam and hurti our elderly on a fixed income. internet

Using FRAUD to scam the elderly. Scare tactics, loud voices, nasty rude comments to get them to send Steam cards to .Scammed mom for$800.00 and wanting more

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