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Homespace Properties (Jody Gerbie & Ralph Gerbie) Homespace Properties, Vintage Oak Park Rentals, Vintage Oak Park Apartments,, Jody Gerbie, Ralph Gerbie Slumlords, Terrible Landlords, Worst building owners Cook County, Scam landlords, criminal Oak Park Illinois

The terrible repair standards, tenant relations and the general lack of ethics of Homespace Properties will leave a rational person wondering what did I get myslef into?  

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Trident Learning – claimed to be associated with ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ corporation!?* URGENT -NEEDS INVESTINGATING-THIS IS THE LIST OF PROSPECTIVE VENUES/MEETINGS TO TRY AND COAX PEOPLE TO PART WITH £1000K FOR PROPERTY INVESTMENT….. TRIGENT try and coax the public into parting with £997 to attend a course to learn how to become Rich th Rip Off Property Investment Scam – Trigent Learning Uk are allegedly associated with Rich Dad Poor Dad, Surrey Nationwide

Trigent contact via email, face book, twitter and any other means. They claim to be part of the recognised corporation ‘Rich Dad Por Dad’ but after some research

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