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Roomi Inc. They Suspended My Legitimate Tenant Advertisements Falsely Claiming That They May Not Be Legitimate And Then Demanding ME To Pay For A Background Check And Then My Assistant As Well And Then They Wanted ME To Create An Additional Unnecessary Business Email Address At My Expense To Satisfy Their F**** Needs! New York New New York Is The Worst Roommate/Tenant Website In The World!     I did some online research on Legitimate Roommate/Tenant Websites to find good people for my Home and Sadly, Popped Up!   I thought

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Shopepip is a scam I was linked to this through facebook. which really pisses me off. I put things in a cart, and didn’t order at first, then they sent me email after email about 20% off. so i finally did. now i know why. they are scammers. they take your money and then send nothing. of course they did like everyone else here said. Shopepip is a scam. 176$ down the drain. thankfully i have an online card service provider that creates one time use Stole money without ever sending product. just like they did to 25 other ppl. Internet

linked to their website through facebook! went online and put a bunch of stuff in my cart. didnt order, so i got emails after email that ill get

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