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UPS Lied about delivery time

My passport was picked up by UPS yesterday with delivery scheduled for today at noon. It still states noon. So for more than 24-hours, UPS has been lying

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Fedex Package arrived at FedEx and was suppose to be delivered on 23 Rd. Wasn’t was told it would on 24th. Wasn’t was told after calls it would be 100 percent on 25th. Was told after several more calls it was on the 26th. For sure 7 pm it has not costumer service just tells you it will be delivered sometime on the day you call but it isn’t it was a waste of my time calling them no help what so ever I needed this package before Monday will not get Sunday tommorow and Holiday Monday. This is unacceptable on tracking info they said it was wrong address to cover their butts it was correct address said on tracking I was unavailable lies I’m at home 24 – 7 nothing showing any delivery on my cameras FedEx is not doing their job and trying to blame us on paper to make themselves look better. Costumer service got snappy at me because I called to try to get info. They said it is on the truck and will be delivered today well I don’t have it I’m through with Fedex Nationwide

Fexex takes no responsibility when they do not deliver your packages. They lie to you at costumer service over and over they lie on their tracking forms to

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