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Catherine Lin-Hendel Dr. Catherine G. Lin-Hendel Make Communications & Computing MCC Invent MCCIP Rudi Hendel Dr. Catherine G. Lin-HendelMake Communications & ComputingMCC InventMCCIPRudi Hendel Patent troll for “automated scrolling of browser content” Summit New Jersey

Catherine Lin-Hendel from supposed MCC Invent (, is asking for licensing fees for “automated scrolling of browser content”, something nearly every website on the Internet uses. The patents mentioned are: US

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INVENIRE PATENT GROUP Luca de la Torre, Luca Leon Jungbauer de la Torre, Dave Siegel I sent him 4 thousand dollars to patent my invention, he has shown me nothing proof of anything. His prototype guy Dave Siegel was supposed to work with me and never did. INVENIRE PATENT GROUP and excellence health supposedly merged. They are located in Vegas and INVENIRE in sanfransisco. San fransisco California

 I wired 4000 dollars to INVENIRE PATENT GROUP to patent my invention and make a prototype. He has shown me no patent application, no patent number, no prototype,

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