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Proven Prospects Benjamin KennedyBryan Trippeti This company stole thousands of dollars from me in leads I purchased. I purchased the leads and they then wiped my account clean. BUYER BEWARE. These guys are scum bags! If you signup the only way you can cancel is by contacting them and they are unresponsive. Once they have your bank or credit card info it’s over. You’ve been warned! Santa Monica, California Internet

Do not do business with this company. They will take your money and then you will never be able to get ahold of them ever again. I spent

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equipsellsit I was a subcontractor for them. They would take forever to pay and then the amount was always less than the agreement,. The owner wanted to operate illegally with sub taking the exposure. He would not get a license to make the company legit just b****** he was not giving the state of FL anything MT Dora FL Florida

They sell and mislead about the equiptments condition. The company operates illegally. They will not get a dealers license or pay taxes which leaves the sub with the

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