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Title Clearing and Escrow LLC Commonwealth USA Title Clearing and Escrow Bay National Title Clearing and Escrow Curtis Mortgage USC of Ohio INC Dax Junker Attorney Owner Chelsea Young Agent Michelle McClellan Agent Main Street Title Co. Received money for house and refuse to issue land title. Tulsa Oklahoma

Closed on house on Nov 21,2018. Their notary came to our bank because their offices were being remodeled or so they said. We transferred  funds to Bank of

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Fidelity National Title Barbara Willis, legal counsel for Arizona and Maricopa County offices Peter Sadowski, VP of legal department DiAnna Jackman, escrow supervisor, Camelback office in Phoenix Michael Bennett, investor buyer and owner of SOMA business partners Incorrectly interpreted purchase contract in favor of unscrupulous investor; agreed to split earnest money 50/50 and at the last minute, after paid mediation that resolved nothing, decided to send all earnest money back to the investor rather than to me, the seller Phoenix AZ

Chicago Title (owned by Fidelity) neglected to state that the buyer violated the purchase contract, that both parties went to legal mediation and did not reach an agreement,

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