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Ron Oppenheimer/Horologerie@Short Hills mall Frannie Katz I had given my Tissot watch Tissot SH 26350 ,mother of pearl dial, for repair in December to change the band and other work. They had called me once we had gone but when we reached the shop didn’t have my watch, I was pregnant and went into labour so after I came back home and checked back at the mall, the shop had disappeared never informing me of the developments or to collect my watch! I had called in and spoke with Frannie when she also offered to buy my other old Tissot watch and exchange both for another new model. After all these conversations we had and after 6months I still don’t have my watch. Bridgewater New Jersey

I had given my watch to Mr. Oppenheimer and had under the able guidance of Frannie Katz and Mr. Oppenheimer lett my watch to repair in December. I

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