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Lucia Lagarda (Goodwill) 83rd & Lake Pleasent; Peoria, AZ Manager: Misty (another associate) The called the police upon myself and my daughter over a customer who assaulted then bullied my daughter with no just cause refusing our statements and or reviewing security cameras. Peoria Arizona

My daughter and I went into Goodwill with no desire of a specific purchase. We head to the shoe department randomly seeking a heel type sandal which compliments

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Pat’s Second Chance Pat’s Second Chance Fashionista Inc Pat’s Second Chance Consignment Pat’s Second Chance Thrift Store Upscale Resale Fashionista Inc Consignment Thrift Store Upscale Resale Pretty much gave my expensive items away for NO money either that’s what they told me OR they lied and sold them for more and kept my money probably Shallotte North Carolina

On 1/29/18 I brought in about 25 items to try and sell at Pat’s Second Chance Consignment shop and it was the first and most likely last time

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