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CCI Hotel Reservations When I made my reservation online, I was on the La Quinta website. There was no mention of my reservation going through a third party. There is no address listed for CCI on my bank statement. motel reservation price on the La Quinta website where I reserved and prepaid, was much less than the amount CCI charged. Nationwide

This is absolutely a ripoff scam being carried out by CCI, and, I’m not sure if La Quinta is in on it, but I plan to let La

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Bavarian inn Bavarian in. Frankenmuth mi. Beware of these folks in little frankenmuth mi if you are s vendor and orbrrsaler I was recently hired by Bavarian in as a outside source gift buyer ect when I had invested several weeks of time and money and they learned my company secrets they framed me called police and had he removed over a stupid issue about not leave big area when told ect. Bottom line. These folks are crooked as get out make 6 figures plus a year. And greed is key word this report is for consumers as well don’t soend your money in this town there’s something more sinister here going on not just buisness I pnlyb scratched the surface Drugs. Ian’s other stuff anyone else ever have a hard time doing buisness in this town? Harassed me called police Frankenmuth Michigan

Hired subcontracted to do work by a employ who did not have authority to do so dog and pony show to find out company secrets ect Of mine

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