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UBER EATS/UBER it is very hard to find info on web address and there is NO phone number First, I have never had any contact or use for any UBER service. On 5/28 UBER EATS used my debit card number to remove over 40 dollars from my bank. There 2 more attempts but the funds had been wiped out. I am very careful as to who I use my card with and am wheelchair bound so rarely go out. I do watch my account daily so was able to hit my bank and do the police report first thing. This may mean I won’t loose my money–maybe. This seems to be common and they are very careful to not provide any way to contact them, unless you have their app ,fat chance I will get one of those! San Francisco CA California

As Above–transaction details: all were done or attempted 5/28  UBER EATS EEZJL    $29.58                             

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