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ASSOCIATED TORONTO TAXICAB CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED The Taxi Driver Stated That The Ride Would Be Around $16.00 And At The End Of The Ride, The Actual Computerized Meter Read $17 Dollars And Change, But When I Signed The Receipt For The Credit Card Payment, It Illegally And Fraudulently Read $22 Dollars And Change Which Is Extreme Fraud! TORONTO Ontario

(((REDACTED))) Toronto, Ontario  Canada  (((REDACTED)))   Thursday, May 16, 2019   c/o Mr. Ahsan Mirza, Operations Manager and/or V.I.P. Corporate Executive ASSOCIATED TORONTO TAXICAB CO-OPERATIVE LIMITED 130 Rivalda Road

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Discount Cab total Transit Forcing employees to use their cell phones forcing us to sign contracts that if they get broken we will pay them $300 forcing us to get paid with a prepaid debit card without another option and if we try to opt out of the prepaid cards they refuse to pay us Tucson Arizona

Discount Cab total Transit treating independent contractors like crap we are contractors they treat us like we’re employees they make us sign a paper for cell phones that

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