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Travel Services International Wholesale Services of America *** Ripoff Alert **! Save yourself thousands of dollars and do not fall for this company’s promises of 40-80% savings and “A+” BBB rating! You can get better prices on travel websites, and the BBB rating they advertise is for their website services provider. Charleston South Carolina

My wife and I attended a sales presentation by Travel Services International (located at 140 East Bay Street Ste. A in Charleston) while we were on vacation. During

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TLC Resorts Vacation Club Advantage Program we were offered a Certificate of $799 cabin cost for 2 people for an Alaskan Cruise. When I tried to use it they said there were upgradee charges of $500 and additional taxes of $500 for those cruises. I checked and got a verified cost of the same cruise from the cruise line and the total difference was only $200 less that regular cruise line price because of the extra upgrade & additional taxes this travel co charges. I verified with the cruise line that the port fees & taxes were included in their charge of $471. So essentially they were adding additional taxes and upgrade fees. We I told them their own written offer did not state any upgrade charges applied to Alaskan Cruises they just stated that there was an upgrade. So the net difference between this supposedly deep discounted cruise and the cruise line verified quote was only $200 less. They replied Las Vagas Nevada

Basically they offered an inducement to purchase an $8000. travel club membership. I have not utilized this club since we purchased it in July 2018. When I tried

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Great Adventure Travels=321 Lets Travel=Book Your Adventure=4seasonstravel=Millennium Travel=Elite Travel. All scam companies. 321 Lets Travel=Book Your Adventure=Millennium Travel=Elite Travel. This company is a scam and operates under half a dozen names but the one name you will always hear is Michael Walker the Director and the one who does the presentations and whose lies are the reason they always hide under different names.

These companies at the direction of Mike Walker, lie and cheat clients by making up spectacular discounts that are not true. They offer 50% off cruises, 70% off hotels

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