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Antsy Labs  – Disappointingly cheap

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I thought I would avoid cheap knock-offs and go for the original brand. Boy was I wrong. This thing rattles like it’s full of loose parts. The “flip” (light switch) is loose and gives hardly any resistance, as does “glide” (the joystick) which feels so loose that I think it might fall off, and gives no semblance of the experience of moving an actual joystick on a controller. Per someone else’s review, I’m chalking this up to the fact that I was mislead to buy a “Zuru” fidget cube, as the package shows. My mistake for trusting that the quality of the original brand would hold up, I guess. I’m hoping I can get a return.

EDIT: Going forward with the return, I have to pay the shipping costs! Ridiculous! I basically spent money to try out a crap product that isn’t even worth keeping in a junk drawer. Don’t waste your money on the garbage “Zuru” cubes. What a scam.

EDIT 2: Support made an exception and I got a full refund for the cubes, plus no need to ship them back. While I’m glad I didn’t waste the money on my order, I wish the product would have lived up to my expectation.

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