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Antsy Labs  – High expectations for a terrible product/service

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I ordered my fidget cube Feb 19, 2017. At the time their website stated “current orders ship late Feb early March.” When it was late April and I still did not receive my order I was about to contact them until I researched a lot of others were waiting and waiting too. I read the endless amount of people canceling orders via twitter, but figured I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and continue to wait.I got my cube on May 3rd. Funny how it said on my receipt in the box my order was placed April 19th. Nice try guys, I know how long I waited, lol.As seen on many youtube videos the packaging is such a terrible idea. Mine arrived, like others, loose and bouncing around in the hard plastic case. Would’ve been much better protected simply inside the little nylon sleeve they give you then wrapped in bubble wrap. I mean who’s going to use that case for it anyway?Picture on their website shows a chrome metal ball. Which seemed like a staple on the Antsy labs cubes, as compared to the knockoffs. The ball on my cube is a plastic and black.Their videos also say their piece is a much higher quality than the knockoffs and that the combination lock part was very satisfying. On my cube the combination lock gears are literally free rolling which I was very upset about. The switch was another part I was looking forward too, but fell very short of my expectations. The switch takes next to NO effort to push. It is very very weak. I was hoping for some resistance, like a light switch. That gives it much less satisfaction when fidgeting. The dial part is my favorite and it is a little bit if a click to it as you spin, but the little nub you use to help you spin the dial is very very small and your finger slips off of it every time you spin it.Overall I had very high hopes, only to be let down. Not only by their false claims of shipment times, but their product is very low quality. I should’ve bought a knockoff instead and saved myself a long wait and about $15.

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