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Antsy Labs  – I backed the Fidget Cube Kickstarter …

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I backed the Fidget Cube Kickstarter campaign back on September 15, 2016. It was supposed to be delivered in March of 2017. Today is May 26, 2017 and I’m STILL waiting. I paid $35 + shipping for two of them. They said that the Fidget Cube would retail in stores for $25, but they are actually on sale in certain stores for $12.99. #1 They lied about the retail price. #2 The delivery date was almost three months ago #3 To this day I have yet to receive ANY communication or information from this company about the status of my products. No tracking number or update of any kind. #4 I’ve contacted them on multiple occasions, and you guessed it, no response. #5 They sold the company and then thumbed their noses at the people who “made this whole thing possible”. #6 As an early supporter of their Kickstarter campaign, I helped build their company, and look how they treat their backers (all 154,926 of us). I will never support this company again. I’m mad enough to probably never support a Kickstarter campaign ever again. Good luck Antsy Labs on your next venture. Your gonna need it.

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