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Antsy Labs  – Incredibly slow shipping

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Incredibly slow shipping, not sure where my fidget cube is coming from (company takes pride in being based in CO, but I highly suspect everything they make is made and shipped from China). My order was 2 weeks ago, the tracking number they sent goes to DHL who have never heard of it. I reached out to their customer service to provide a legitimate tracking number so we’ll see.
I purchased using PayPal and I’m very close to just opening a claim against them. Will I ever get my order? Who knows. CO to CA should take less than a week… I’d probably be more patient if I was actually provided a real tracking number and could see where my package was. For all I know it was never even sent… just use USPS like everyone else so that it can be tracked. If you’re shipping from China it would be nice to know before purchasing (I wouldn’t have bought it knowing what I know now). Either way, I’m not happy.

Edit: I was able to track my package! It’s been sitting somewhere for 2 weeks. No movement, but “in transit…” So guess I can at least be sure something was shipped to me, but the shipping method and speed is a joke. I’ll never buy a single thing from this company again

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