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Antsy Labs  – Not Like Their OG, Just Another Chinese Cube..

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I have an OG fidget cube from Antsy Labs Kickstarter, which is dope. The best fridge cube I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. I came back two years later to buy two more because I hunted for something similar but never could find it. They were all cheap feeling. But what I recieved in the mail? Is an abomination. I’m very, very disappointed to say the least. The glide feature no longer protrudes out but is flat against the surface. The spin is rough and gritty, no longer smooth like the original. The switch is not satisfactory, and looking at them side by side the new switch is sunk down slightly. Not making a great click. The joystick is now flat against the cube instead of protruding out.

Positives: the smooth surface is still shaped like a finger. The silver ball gives a satisfying click. The five buttons, at least the ones that are suppose to click, click and but the silent ones have a feel of poor quality.

All and all they are just like any cheap Chinese fridge cube. Also, shipping takes long. It ships DHL… Make your own assumptions.

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