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Use Extreme Caution before you consider doing business with Electromaker ! This consumer has had a Negative Experience & that should Never be Disregarded. We encourage our readers to perform further research before making any type of commitment or buying decision.

Electromaker  – Bad communication, Took 1 month to cancel my unfulfilled order. (UPDATED 12/06/2022)

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Not good at all. I placed an order for an item that was shown as in stock, and after 1 month of trying to get an order update it turns out the item was not available. Communication was practically nonexistent until I wrote an online review.

November 2, 2022:
Placed an order on the website; the item was clearly shown as in stock and available to “buy now” (not showing out of stock or back ordered) – this was why I placed my order.

November 4, 2022:
4 days later, received 1 email from confirming my order.

November 18, 2022:
2 weeks later, I had zero communication about my order so sent an email directly to asking for an update. No response from

November 21, 2022:
No reply to my email 3 days prior, so I sent a SECOND email directly to asking for an update. No response from

November 22, 2022:
Frustrated at the complete lack of responses, I wrote my initial review on TrustPilot, as after searching the Internet for any advice it seemed like posting on TrustPilot was the only way to get to respond to anything.

November 23, 2022;
Surprise! replied to my TrustPilot review THE VERY NEXT DAY. Why they cannot reply to customer emails that are sent directly to them, I don’t know. They asked for my order info in their reply, so I immediately edited my TrustPilot review (within minutes of their response) to add that information.

November 24, 2022:
I sent a THIRD email directly to asking for an update. No response from

November 28, 2022: finally replied to my email, informing me the item is on backorder. This reply finally arrived after over 3 weeks of trying to communicate with them directly through email and after writing my initial TrustPilot review. Within minutes I responded back, asking them to cancel my order.

November 29, 2022:
Well go figure… replied to an email the very next day, confirming the cancellation of my order.

This entire process took 1 entire month from start to finish – from the day I placed my order under the impression that the item was available as shown on their website… all the way to the end of the month when they finally replied to my email and canceled my unfulfilled order. What bothers me the most is not that I didn’t receive the item I ordered – but that there was ZERO RESPONSE to my inquiries until AFTER I wrote my 1-star TrustPilot review.

Why couldn’t anyone at reply to a customer email (actually, 3 customer emails) within 3 weeks? Why did it take a public review for them to finally respond at all?

I honestly do not think that I was being unreasonable, nor do I think I was bombarding them with emails or being a difficult customer by simply asking for an order update. Unfortunately,’s communication was practically nonexistent, up until I wrote the TrustPilot review.

So in the end, I do not have the product I ordered 1 month prior. Because there was an eventual conclusion (they agreed to cancel my unfulfilled order) I hold no grudge or anger at the company at all. However, I will most likely not recommend to others based on my first (and most likely only) buying experience with them.

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