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Ticket No. 8770351

I’m calling this company out for scamming people. I really and truly cannot believe my experience and that I am here explaining.

Firstly I had used Fiverr around 7 times this past year. I always left good feedback and often tipped sellers.

Now a recent order for around $25 I had issues. First the guy wasn’t happy I sent him a rar file so we did a google drive share of the folders he needed. He delayed a few times and pushed back deadline. After the 3rd or 4th I cancelled the UNDELIVERED order.

As soon as I done that. The very moment I cancelled that one order, 3 other orders cancelled too. Fulfilled orders that I had left feedback for and tips. Crazy know, it gets worse.

I sent CS an email straight away on Saturday the 17th and I have this screenshot. I explained I did NOT camcel those orders and only the ONE order that was not delivered.
At the same time my account was suspended so I could not talk to previous sellers.
Roughly 48 hours later I got a reply saying I did multiple charge backs on my card. I DID NOT.
I explained I did not and was very firm.

After roughly 24 hours I got an email now saying I charged back ONE order for circa $25. I explained I did not CHARGE BACK, i simply cancelled on the platform.
Now for the part that makes me think this is fraud.
I got in contact with one of the sellers I was happy with for an order of over $130. They were furious at the beginning. My partner let me use her account. They asked why I had Charged back and i explained I didn’t and NO money went back to me. They then screenshot evidence that Fiverr had told them I charged back the money and there was nothing they could do. I DO NOT have the money, the seller does NOT have the money. So we have both been blatantly scammed.

I will post every day about this.

Have you also had a Negative Experience with this Company?

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