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After asking an artist for an artwork, the result was very poor, I gave him a few more days but the result kept being extremely low quality.
Obviously the artist was offering services beyond his abilities and as a newbie I didn’t see it coming.
When I contacted customer care, they just kept asking me a myriad of questions and not willing to refund. I still haven’t got it. I had to contact Paypal because they wouldn’t

Few tips if you have to use this awful platform:
1) Do not fall for the sample works!. They are way more expensive than the price advertised.

2)Their stars system is completely over-rated! Pretty much you need to deduct 1.5 stars of what it says and you will get a more accurate idea.

3)Always! Always! use Paypal or any means that you can get your payment back. Remember, they are NOT on your side whatsoever!

4)In their terms and conditions they don’t let you open a complain with your payment provider! W-T-F!!
And will threaten you with cancelling your Fiverr account

5)Go to Etsy (or similars) and get a quotation for the same artwork, you will get surprised with the difference!

As a customer I have the right not to pay for something I dislike or that I am not satisfied with.
Why is this so difficult to understand???

PS, Fiver… you apologies are just a copy/paste… save the effort.

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