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I tried a seller doing twitch packages to get a tailored made twitch skin to match the channel ETC,

now, the aesthetic I wanted was a UK WW2 Bunker with a radio, maybe a poster etc (as I’ve always been a fan of Dad’s Army and I like the wartime aesthetic) and the cam box as if it’s a weathered sign or that kind of thing, with the other screens being of a sign on the bunker door blowing in the wind saying “starting soon (with a countdown clock), “on a break” ETC, not something difficult (or so I thought)

first things first, the seller had never heard of a WW2 bunker or any other wartime aesthetic, which I find a bit odd (i can understand, not knowing dad’s army, but not knowing what a WW2-era bunker is or any kind of WW2 aesthetic?) I had also sent example pictures and they were just copied, not what I wanted and the seller was more and more clueless as we kept messaging back and forth, they we’re more and more clueless

then I tried along with the seller tried to contact Fiverr to get the order refunded, they bearly responded to the seller if at all and didn’t reply to me at
all, so I went to Paypal to get my money back as I had no service and Fiverr wasn’t responding, all they responded within the case was (essentially) “go to our website to sort your issue out” which did nothing as they never replied,

then as they never did anything to reply again or help, the case ran out and I was refunded, as Fiverr did nothing to help in the slightest

I then log in to get this notification

(Orange triangle with an exclamation mark) “Please Read Carefully”

“Issue: Dispute with payment provider”

“Hi, tehautisticguy,

we were informed that you filed a dispute/chargeback with your payment provider for one of your orders. This is against our Terms of Service. We highly recommend that you close the dispute with the payment provider and contact customer support to resolve this issue within Fiverr, for more information please review our Terms of Service.

This is your first warning, If you repeat this violation or continue to violate Fiverrs TOS, your account may be restricted.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

The Fiverr Team”

There are big problems with this (rather threatening notification):

1) Since when is that legal to put it in the TOS that you aren’t allowed to dispute a payment?
given that I didn’t receive the service I paid for

2) If they aren’t replying to me about the problem to help sort it out, what do they expect me to do?

3) Sending a threatening notification like that (i had received no other communication from Fiverr other than this) when they aren’t helping sort out the issue is very aggressive and off-putting for me as a customer and as a result, I really am put off using their service in the future

Avoid Fiverr like the plague, they’ll take your money with no customer service to sort the issue out, then threaten to close your account if you dispute the payment on account of not getting what I paid for!!!!!!

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