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Fiverr  – Awful company leadership!

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After years of working with several consultants the company decides to send an email out of the blue disabling my account permanently. No advance notice, no advance communication, no contact to communicate possible violations just disabling and as they write, nothing you can do because it’s their decision and it’s final. Again, very poorly run, zero customer service and proper communication. They should go out of business treating clients like criminals without due process. I would never recommend them, other great companies out there with leadership that cares. They are completely out of touch with customer service and making attempts to clear up misunderstandings, they thrive on making accusations and standing by them. Their leadership should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this garbage. Very good way to alienate good clients and increase negative reviews.

Reply: your company, without warning disabled my account. I had a business account and a personal account to keep them separate. Never I’d I intentionally set to deceive anyone. If the rule is only one account, send me an email explain it and give me the opportunity to rectify matters. I would have deleted the personal account. But to just disable, no prior warning, no chance to rectify the matter because your minions stated via email it was a final decision and nothing I can do and disabled for life. This is awful business practice. This is no way of doing business in the USA, maybe CA where rules do not apply to the masses.

Brenda never bothered to read my reply, indicative of how the company runs.

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