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I had good hopes to get my new website work outsourced at Fiverr. I found a developer with high ratings and started work, with more conversations I realized he did not know English at all and I became skeptical. He was assuring if anything goes wrong after the sale still he will fix for me and anytime I need help later I can reach out. His gig was creating a site, automate the associate account and products and direct traffic from SEO. He competed the site and there were numerous grammar errors, worst site and non functional cart. I reached out send him list to fix and he asked for more time which I allowed, again everything came back without fixing and his reason was he was sick. He asked me to approve and he will fix since it is already too late, I did not approve and asked him to fix, he did not fix and sent back and delivery went approved without my approval, I reached out to Fiverr with issue that seller did not fix the site and Milo at Fiverr replied, took seller’s side saying seller went by the rules even though seller left work unfinished, took so much extra time and left me a bad review…. Fiverr is a worst site to get anything outsourced, they are all scammers helping scams!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY FIND SOMEONE SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

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