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Fiverr  – Beware of Fivver

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Beware of Fivver! I use some of their promotion services with their entrepreneurs and one of my channels got taken down because of the bots they were using to falsely build the channel. I didn’t realize this until after I contacted YouTube and they explained to me that there was a bunch of invalid traffic. So I just need to put the word out there. Steer clear of this company because they do not monitor what their entrepreneurs are doing. Also, when I requested to get a refund they were unwilling to pay back all the money I spent on my YouTube channel. Their policy was that they can’t do that. So steer clear of them if you don’t want your channel to get taken down because they use a lot of fake bots and invalid traffic that will do damage to your channel and will take away any monetization that you were going to get.

Fivver rep:

My email account is (timpepper at on Fivver

Here is the email correspondence I’ve recieved so far:

timothypepperWednesday at 08:43
I have recently used many of the services on your site to promote my YouTube channel and YouTube videos. I’ve recently also discovered that I’m not getting paid for many of those views. After asking YouTube about why they explain to me that it is because I’ve had invalid traffic. I haven’t used any other promotion services other than your services. So your services have caused harm and damage to my channel because you have been using bots which cause invalid traffic which causes YouTube to mark the channel with possibly taking the channel down. I also had one channel put on hold and end up being deleted. So I would like refund from all the YouTube services you’ve given me. I’ve attached just one of them and this was the one that caused one of my channels to be taken down. I am also copying and pasting part of the email from the YouTube team.

Thank you kindly

Tim Pepper

Also, our systems detected invalid traffic on your channel and your earnings were adjusted. In this case, the ad revenue from invalid traffic was refunded back to the advertisers affected. Having said that, invalid traffic can cause low revenue for a channel.

Learn more about invalid traffic and monthly estimated revenue.

Let us know if you have other questions.

Kind regards,

Google YouTube Team
Google | YouTube Team |

NiallWednesday at 10:38
Hello Tim,

I’m Niall and I fully understand that you were not satisfied with the work received by asking for YouTube Promoting services.

To confirm which orders are needed to be canceled, would you kindly share the order number (#FO) of al lthe orders that you wish to get canceled?

I’ll be awaiting your reply.
Niall | Customer Support |
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LunaYesterday at 02:53
Hi Tim,

I reviewed your request and understand that you want to cancel your completed orders.

I reviewed your orders and, unfortunately, they are outside the time frame allowed for us to cancel and refund orders. Per our guidelines, we can cancel orders up to 14 days after they are completed.

I also noticed that you added 5-star feedback to the orders when they were marked as completed. May I recommend communicating with sellers to come to an agreement?

If I may, I would also like to recommend reviewing our article on Order Statuses to avoid similar situations in the future.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,
Luna | Customer Support |

MaxToday at 01:39
Hi there Tim.

My name is Max and I will continue assisting you.

I understand your point of view and that you have been dissatisfied with the services these sellers provided to you, but please note that sellers are the sole providers of their services. We have no control over how they conduct their business and the platform cannot be held responsible for their actions. However, we will gladly review the behavior of the sellers you worked with and our relevant department will take appropriate actions according to our guidelines if they find it necessary.

Additionally, most of the orders are out of the 14 days grace period during which customer support can still cancel orders. The only one that is within it is FO82ABBF06708. If you are looking to cancel it, please be so kind to provide me with some further information specifically about this order and I will check if it is eligible to be canceled.

I hope that this provides more insight.

I will be expecting to hear from you.

Best regards

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