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I wanted to request for a service to develop an android app using android studio. I found this seller saying that he has 4 years experience in android studio and messaged him. We then discussed about the project and i asked him to quote a price for my app. At last, we agreed to make it at $200. I gave him a deadline for 1-2 weeks. However, he did not meet my deadline and said that the app was too lengthy and requested me to increase my budget. I agreed to increase to $300 as i was very tight on schedule, and he said he can make it according to my budget. Good. During the day he said he was gonna send me the project, he kept replying late and finding excuses about his personal issues. At last, he blocked me without saying anything. THIS IS SO IRRESPONSIBLE. He wasted my 3 weeks time and gave me nothing. I couldn’t do anything about him as he did not send me an offer. Please take note, his username is shoaib_ch1 .

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