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Another day gone by, still no response from them, almost 2 weeks have passed, money lost, they still ignore a client with same automized responses.
Positive rates here are fake, people are just nice and judging without any knowledge or experiences to do so, not one proof of good and concrete results, just good communication skills, responsive, job well done, nice person etc. Those are not arguments for goods rates, but basis of every relationship. Not one good rate has given with some concrete numbers showing what has been done, in what period and how do numbers reflect.
A lot of Fiverr sellers are google self thought and certificate bought non experts with sleazy rhetorics, don’t fall for it, request relevant proofs of their achievements (not print screens and naive customers reviews ), always ask for all in price for the results requested, cause there will always be something else that needs to be done “and it’ a lot of work my friend”, request time frame when the results will be shown, not done and ask them, before the work starts, to give you a list of work that they will do and that will guarantee the results or else u will remand the refund.
Don’t forget, you will get little or no help from Fiverr, so try to secure your orders from the start, so you will have relevant proofs you have been cheated.
But the best thing is to leave Fiverr and contact a company with business set up, company profile and website, cause they work for them self and will engage in any troubles professionally, which is not the case with Fiverr. At the end you’ll spend the same amount of money, but the work will surely be done professionally.
When hiring someone on Fiverr, always request audit from another expert, so you can correctly see what and how has been done, also a strong argument for ignorant Fiver customers team.
Do not follow sellers invitations to communicate through another chat funnels, they will probably try to contact you through Whatsapp, will leave you without money and you are unable to request refunds. Short amount of time given to rate the work done is also tactical move from Fiverr, cause “you are too late” is their most often response. How unprofessional and lack of business ethics. So when u are requested to give a review just write to them that it is not possible to give a correct review, since the results are not shown immediately, that you will do a professional evaluation of the work done and will request the refund if the results show the work has been bad done. Contact me if you need any advice or help.

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