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Hi all,
my experiences with fiverr were terrible.
Have started a store with perfect timing to jump onboard before the best selling season started. Have ordered a lot of gigs and store was building up. So i came to the most important segment of every business, sales!
I immediately realized the reviews given to the sellers were not relevant (some probably fake), cause we hire experts to do the job cause we have no knowledge nor experiences to do it ourselves. So how can we judge the work? Especially when fiverr gives you a short amount of time to conclude the review! But they are good enough to give you 2 weeks grace period! Such complex results (sales) do not show immediately, unless u are lucky. And i suppose it can be unfair to judge the sellers right after the work has been done (sales take time, results do not show instantly). It’s different with design, graphic and similar, either you like it or not!
After a more than a month and 7 gigs bought to boost my sales with the same seller (solutionmark1) and educating myself, have found out the work was sloppy done or not done at all. I ordered a audit from another expert to see the results, which were disturbing. Design of the store sloppy done (overlapping, different size images), Product reviews sloppy done (same products different reviews), missing pages (legal notice ), SEO poorly done with bad results. Google merchant center with unresolved issues and all of the products unpublished. Missing link to the store from facebook ads. The list is long and i have provided a lot of proof for fiverr to request my claims.
But they are not interested, cause my review period is over and they are asking me to send proof over and over again, which i have provided them in the first mail send.
I am not a bad person who spreads my anger all over the net, just a disappointed customer, who was robbed of the opportunity and quality service i payed for.
As i said, i have a lot of proof to show i was cheated, sadly can’t post them here for you to judge yourself, but can send you upon your request along with fiverr customers service ignorant corespondence, so you can easily decide if Fiverr is the platform you want to use for expert services!

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