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Fiverr  – Fiverr is horrendous!

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Fiverr is horrendous. Ive been freelancing for 2 years and tried Fiverr. The fisrt customer i got ordered the basic package. I provided everything he wanted. The customer said he was happy, but was not happy as he wanted more. I explained he ordered the basic package which included.. And that i am not doing more than the basic package includes. The customer then got in contact with Fiverr and so i got in contact with Fiverr. Fiverr did nothing to help accept say “come to an agreement”. Because i needed my payment of the 3 days of work, i added more than the basic package includes, yet the customer still wanted more. In the end it was marked as complete automatically. A day later the customer responded with the revised product that i gave him more in, and the customer said that nothing had changed, sent me screenshots clearly with the changed stuff in it. Fiverr then sent me an email saying that Fiverr had let him cancel the order after it had completed!!

Ive emailed Fiverr many times explaining it to them, with evidence, but they do not care. If they had read through it properly they would never have given him a refund.

Now ive just done 4 days of work unpaid.

Im astonished how Fiverr lets people cancel their orders after it has been recieved. I understand if the product was broken or not what they asked for, or obviously a copy or a scam, but my product was what they asked for and Fiverr still let them cancel it.

I would not recomend using Fiverr. There support team doesnt help. It is set up terribly allowing people to get free products, leaving freelancers unpaid!!

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