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Fiverr  – fiverr temporary disabled my account…

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fiverr temporary disabled my account without any reason. they said, i have more than one account. but i don’t have more than one account. my account username is “mahfuz07” i already contacted with support and said them to prof i have more than one account. but they are unable to prof, they just hold my account for 90 days. i think they will permanently disable my account after 90days. because, many peoples telling fiverr while taking an account for review, if there is no violation, fiverr disabling account after 90days. i don’t understanding what will be happen. but i’m really waiting for their action. if i will not get my account back, i will never recommend anyone to use fiverr. i can challenge fiverr that, they will not be able to prof that i have more than one account… please don’t use fiverr at this time. because, they have mission to disable old seller profile…

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