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Fiverr  – Great until not so great

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I have been using Fiverr for 4 months and during these 4 months I placed 71 orders (gigs?) and spent well over $20,000. I met some great people to work with. Because of the nature of my business, where I had to exchange super large files, I asked some of the freelancers to contact me outside of Fiverr. It seems that some sort of an automatic security system got triggered and more than 2 weeks, my account is still on hold, I cannot pay for the additional milestones, I cannot chat with my freelancers. Its been extremely embarrassing. I am a totally exemplary client, I even recommended Fiverr to other people who are now freelancing there, it’s beyond me why they are treating me like this. It goes without saying that the Customer Support is totally irresponsive and don’t care at all that my project is on hold for no good reason.


I received a response from the Fiverr customer support that my account will remain closed for 90 days because I communicated with my employees outside of Fiverr.
Since its impossible for me to complete my projects, I am going to the bank first thing on Monday and will charge back most of the $23,740 that I spent in the past 4 months. I just can’t fathom the degree of lunacy on this place.

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