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Fiverr  – Greediest service I have ever seen

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Greediest service I have ever seen.
They give you nothing back for that crazy amount of %

You have to be cheapest, you have to work hard without stopping, you must deal with (sometimes) don´t know how to call that ppl and still fiverr goes against you…
You forget to reply to some spammer and then your rate goes down until you reply to it.

Also payments should be upgraded because it is very big problem.
I would suggest also Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solana.
Payoneer is s…, I earned on fiverr something like 250 bucks and received 170 dollars.
Don´t forget you have to pay taxes, health care, social care and many more things.
So fiverr is only good for small + in your budget, but cannot be fulltime as they go against sellers.

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