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Fiverr  – Hello, It was a worst experience i had with fiverr.

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Hello, Hope you all are good.

I worked on fiverr for 2 years but unfortunately, it was worst experience which i had with them because i had an account on fiverr named scarlet_shopify and was selling the services of “Shopify Website Designer” with many completed order and 170+ best rating of 5.0. And without any warning they disabled my account if i did anything wrong they should notify or warn me first before taking any action.

There is proper process of disable the account, they warn first for 3 times later accounts are disabled. But, they didn’t did so and ruined my account by disabled it.

I contacted them via my mail but they asked me that they can’t revert their decision and now they aren’t responding. Only said that i violate their TOS. But, I’m sure i didn’t anything wrong and if i did so they should be notify or warn me. But they simply disabled my account.

Looking forward my account and justice so can i continue working and can be safe of my huge loss of 2 years which i put on my profile.

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