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Fiverr  – Horendous company part 2

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I have already left a negative review for this pathetic company and unfortunately am back to write yet another because the problems just never end and neither does the incompetence.

My initial review is about their complete and utter lack of communication, their complete 100% ignoring of any attempts for us to contact them. All in all their uselessness left me with an account that cant be used, cant be closed and when I try to talk to anybody I get some emails from fiverr telling me the account is deactivated yet seconds later I get emails from another “support” staff at fiverr saying they can’t deactivate my account, that I need to do so myself, completely contradicting each other because evidently expecting a company to communicate with customers or within itself is too much to ask.

This problem is ongoing. They have stopped replying to my emails all together, so I tried to log in to see if that could give me some indication of what is happening with my account, i was able to log in, indicating that they have not followed through with my deactivation/deletion request but I was logged out of the app for no apparent reason. When I tried to log back in it said I couldn’t and that I should contact their wrongly titled “customer support”. Then I got an email saying my account has been “disabled” for “violating terms” yet they didn’t bother to mention which term I apparently violated.

So after weeks of them refusing to delete my account, even after I manually clicked to deactivate it. I am now in a position where my account still exists, the data is still linked to it, my email is still associated with it,
but it cannot be deactivated
they refuse to delete it
they have now “disabled” it…….. and still refuse to delete it.

Honestly this company is so poor it defies logic. A company who lives or dies depending on the flow of traffic since they are nothing more than a middle man facilitating a consumer and a seller, yet they do everything in their power to avoid communicating with us, they don’t even bother to communicate within their own department in their own business, when they do bother to reply they directly contradict each other and between them nobody does anything. On top of that they “disable” accounts without bothering to state the reason for the account being disabled and again, continue to ignore communication attempts so if an account is disabled it is perpetually putting your email in limbo and perpetually holding onto your associated data because they will not delete the account or allow you to deactivate it.

i can tell you without any exaggeration whatsoever that my dog has better communication skills than this entire company. Avoid at all costs, all it takes is any one thing to go wrong or for their poorly programmed bot to ban you under the claim of “violating terms” and you are screwed, you will never be told why you were banned nor will you ever get talking to a single helpful person.

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