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Fiverr  – Horrible Experience With Fiverr

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It was horrible experience with

We submitted a GIG that was immediately once submitted, deleted or denied without any proper justification. Not sure how fast they can review a gig which is next to impossible.

We were trying to find the reason and wrote to their customer care, they did response and explained to us that we are providing service to students and doing their homework on our behalf. That is completely a false allegation.

Next I explained to them it is a tool that could be installed on any website where anyone could be evaluated. I gave an eg. that let’s consider at our office if we want to test the efficiency of our employees then we can run that online exam installed on our website or anywhere on cloud. I also said that if you do need further explanation with any eg. more than happy to answer you.

Then their customer care got back to me and did say well they can understand my concern and will do further investigation with higher officials. I believed at least they understood my concern. In a couple of hours I got an email that my account is blocked now and can’t login any more etc.

So I am sure they still did not even try to understand what I was trying to explain. It was not my concern that I was so determined to sell on We have been in business more than the last 12 years so we know how to sell our product, but we were trying to consider this also a platform where we can do marketing.

On the contrary, even if the GIG does not meet their terms & condition or marketplace benchmark, what is the reason for blocking our account? It was so insulting being a service provider & rate their customercare or management as arrogant with lack of proper knowledge.

Either you are a service provider or buyer if you have minimum self respect never do business with So many stubborn guys in their team who do not listen to your concern. But sir history is an evidence that those people disrespect people in this way they will no longer sustain in business in the long run.

But being a professional still wishes them all the best for their future endeavors.

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